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At Bonavita, we've put in years of hard work to make it easy to brew great coffee or steep your favorite cup of tea. With our products in your kitchen, you're just a few steps away from your perfect cup.

All the research, refinement, taste-testing, awards and certifications they all boil down to one thing, and that's giving you the power to consistently brew your ideal cup, quickly and easily.

Simple and Sublime

Good coffee and tea, like good food, begins with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Prepared correctly, these simple ingredients deliver the essential flavors and aromas that make your favorite brew unique and so special.

When freshly roasted and ground coffee is carefully combined with pure water heated to the ideal temperature, the result is a coffee experience that's at once simple and sublime. The same holds true for tea. When steeped at the appropriate temperature for the right amount of time, you will enjoy the full flavors and aromas the tea has to offer.

The Perfect Cup Anytime

You know how good a cup of coffee can be, and so do we. Our goal at Bonavita is to build tools that help you brew great coffee everyday, whether it's a busy Monday morning or a lazy Sunday.

Our brewers, kettles, and drippers are all designed to produce the exceptional results you expect with ease, every time. Bonavita products make it simple so you can concentrate on the simple beauty of good coffee.

Recognized by the SCA

Bonavita's coffee brewers are tested and approved by the Specialty Coffee Association as part of its Certified Home Brewer program. It's a certification bestowed on only a handful of exemplary machines that meet the SCA's rigorous technical standards.

We're proud to meet the high standards of the SCA because it means we can provide our customers with a premium coffee experience at home. Choosing Bonavita means you want the ability to brew an extraordinary cup of coffee anytime. Learn more about the SCA Certified Home Brewer Program (link is external).

How Can We Help?

We at Bonavita are here to help you brew that perfect cup of coffee or tea every time. We have resources to help you get the most from your experience. Interested in purchasing a Bonavita product? PLEASE CLICK HERE to find out more.

Do you have a warranty issue to resolve? Please fill out our warranty claim form (link is external) or visit our Support page for product manuals.


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